BoricuActívatEd is a civic engagement initiative whose goal is to help those who want to engage with Congress on behalf of Puerto Rico. It is about empowering the five million Puerto Ricans living on the mainland (the Diaspora) to advocate for the interest of the 3.4 million living on the Island.

“Boricua” is derived from the Taíno word Boriken (translated: “the great land of the valiant and noble Lord”), which was the native populations name for the Island. “Boricua” is often used by Puerto Ricans as a self-description to illustrate their recognition of the island’s Taíno heritage. The mainland Puerto Rican community is diverse, but are bound by a common sense of love and concern for their Island. Our name BoricuActívatEd, encompasses the group we want to organize (“Boricuas” on the U.S. mainland), what we want to achieve (“activating” them in civic engagement) and how we will achieve this goal (“Ed,” through better education)

 The devastation of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico, the slow response from the Federal Government and the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the Island have clearly demonstrated the need for the Diaspora to better organize their efforts. 

 Our team and board, comprised of ex-congressional staffers, governmental officials, business leaders and seasoned community advocates know that while organizing marches and protest may create awareness, nothing is as effective as a multiplied voice of voting constituents to impact legislation.

 Through education and engagement we are convinced the mainland Puerto Rican population and their allies can be the critical force to rebuild Puerto Rico.


BoricuActívatEd would like to welcome to our team, Yael Deynes, who joins us as our Artistic Director for Visual Content and the creator of the viral clips, “Who We Are” and “I Am.”